Clement-Jones family 12/22 - Person Sheet
Clement-Jones family 12/22 - Person Sheet
NameRobert CLARKE, 3455
FatherRev Ralph CLARKE , 3462 (1675-1733)
MotherElizabeth BROWNE , 3463
ChildrenRobert , 3459 (1746-)
FatherJohn VANHOLT , 3458
ChildrenJohn , 3448 (1753-1792)
 Ralph , 3460 (1762-)
 William , 3461
Notes for Robert CLARKE
Of North Shields

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Stephenson Clarke Shipping Limited, established in 1730, is Great Britain's oldest shipping company.[1] The company specializes in short sea bulk cargo such as aggregates, alumina, grain, coal, fertilizers and steel.[1][3]

Reverend Ralph Clarke, a vicar of Long Benton, Tyneside had two sons, Ralph and Robert Clarke.[3] The boys went to sea, working their way up to being master mariners.

During their career at sea, they began to buy shares in ships, gradually making the transition from captain to owner. The company that would become Stephenson Clarke was formed when the brothers bought shares in a 300-ton sailing vessel.[3] Thus the business was established in 1730, in the early years of the reign of King George II.

Stephenson Clarke managed other owners' ships as well as its own. For several decades it managed the Gas Light and Coke Company's collier fleet.

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Company History

Stephenson Clarke Shipping Ltd is the oldest British shipping company. King George II had been on the throne of England for just three years when the brothers Ralph and Robert Clarke purchased an interest in a 300-ton sailing vessel. The year was 1730 and their limited trading activities were to develop during the next 270 years into the present Ship Owning and Ship Management business of Stephenson Clarke Shipping Limited.

Sons of the Reverend Ralph Clarke, a vicar of Long Benton , near North Shields, the two brothers took up seafaring Careers, becoming master mariners. They began buying shares in ships, in this way gradually establishing themselves as Ship Owners, although they also continued to serve at sea for some time.

Robert Clarke had two sons, John and Ralph. The former married Jane Stephenson, of North Shields, in 1775 and moved to London , where he was later joined by his brother to carry on the business of Ship Owning and coal factors. Thus were laid the foundations of the present shipping organisation.

Nowadays we operate a fleet of modern single deck bulk Carriers, ranging in size from 1100 dwt tonnes to 12000 dwt tonnes. These Vessels have been designed for ease of loading and discharging with large open hatches and holds. We also operate several small self load/unloading vessels of between 1250 dwt - 2800 dwt, these vessels are fully self sustained with excavator and bob cat.

We now carry a wide range of bulk cargoes including aggregates, alumina, grain, coal, fertilisers and steel. The open hatch configurations make the vessel suitable for project cargoes.

Though most of the fleet can trade world wide, we tend to trade mainly within Northern Europe, the Mediterranean (incl Black Sea), West Africa, the Atlantic Islands , Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea . We concentrate on keeping the fleet in these waters so that we can cover with confidence the tight loading dates required by some of our contract partners. We usually have a ready supply of tonnage to cover charter requirements in these areas.
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