Clement-Jones family - Person Sheet
Clement-Jones family - Person Sheet
NameWilliam READE, 4534
OccupationNaval Engineer
Death1926, St Brelade Jersey
FatherHenry KINGCOME , 4235 (1805-1884)
MotherAnne PARTRIDGE , 4528
Marriage1863, Revelstoke, Devon
Notes for William READE
Chief Engineer on the HMS Dotterel and was killed in 1881 when it exploded on its maiden voyage.

From the Rough Guide to Chile:

Southern Patagonia
The shabby port.

Dotted along the shore to the south, the remains of rusting wrecks are reminders of the treacherous southern waters and fierce winds that scourge Punta Arenas: the most impressive are the bare ribs of the Lord Lonsdale, beached here in 1942. There are, however, no remains of the most spectacular wrecking of a ship at Punta Arenas, that of the Royal Navy cruiser HMS Dotterel. On April 26, 1881, the Dotterel was anchored out in the bay when its ammunition exploded. The ship was blown into thousands of pieces, which were scattered over Punta Arenas, along with three hundred of the ship's company. Every window in Punta Arenas was broken by the blast. One of the five survivors was the ship's captain, who noticed a small detonation while relaxing in a hot bath in his cabin, and, realizing that something was amiss, squirmed out of his porthole and dived into the sea. When the mammoth secondary explosion struck, he'd swum some distance from the ship and escaped unharmed, apart from having all his hair singed off.
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