Clement-Jones family v2/21 - Person Sheet
Clement-Jones family v2/21 - Person Sheet
NameJoseph PEASE, 5662
FatherEdward PEASE , 5665 (1711-1785)
MotherElizabeth COATES , 5666 (1715-1783)
FatherRichard RICHARDSON , 5664
ChildrenJoseph , 9551 (1772-1846)
 Edward , 5654 (1767-1858)
Notes for Joseph PEASE
Of Darlington


The banking arm of the business was to allow further expansions, a habit that was not unknown amongst Quaker businessmen and further, by marrying into other Quaker families, the means to extend interests was increased many fold. Joseph, by his marriage to Mary Richardson   produced a son Edward (1767-1858), (Edward married Rachel Whitwell), who continuing the traditions of the business, expanded into railways. Whilst to the informed, the name Edward Pease will always be associated with the beginnings of the Stockton and Darlington Railway, it is to George Stephenson that most of the associations are credited. There is no doubt that Stephenson's engineering brilliance provided the ways of establishing the world's first passenger railway, but there is no argument that without the meeting between Edward and George in April of 1821, and Edward's persistent advocacy of the means by which it could be accomplished, the railway would not have been built at all. Thus it was that he became known as 'The Father of Railways'.
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