Clement-Jones family - Person Sheet
Clement-Jones family - Person Sheet
NameNigel or Nele D’AUBIGNY OR D’ALBINI, 13625
Birth1075, Axholme, Lincs
FatherGerard de GOURNAY , 13630
MotherEdith DE WARENNE , 13631
ChildrenHamon , 13624 (1120-1170)
 Roger , 13651 (1119-1188)
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Nigel d'Aubigny, aka Neel d'Aubigny or Nigel de Albini (died 1129) was the younger son of a Norman aristocrat and supporter of Henry I of England. He is described as "one of the most favoured of Henry’s 'new men'",.[1] While he entered the king's service as a household knight and brother of the king's butler, William d'Aubigny, in the years following the Battle of Tinchebrai in 1106 Nigel was rewarded by Henry with marriage to an heiress who brought him lordship in Normandy and with the lands of several men, primarily that of Robert de Stuteville.[2] The Mowbray honour became one of the wealthiest estates in Norman England. From 1107 to about 1118, Nigel served as a royal official in Yorkshire and Northumberland. In the last decade of his life he was frequently traveling with Henry I, most likely as one of the king's trusted military and administrative advisors . He died in Normandy, possibly at the abbey of Bec.[3]

His father was Roger d’Aubigny, a Norman lord, and his mother Alicia; William d'Aubigny pincerna, 1st Earl of Arundel (d. 1176) was his nephew.

In 1107 Nigel married Matilda de L'aigle, sister of Gilbert de L'aigle, who had divorced the disgraced and imprisoned Robert de Mowbray, earl of Northumbria. She brought to the marriage with Nigel her ex-husband's lordship of Montbray (Mowbray) in western Normandy. They had no children.

Nigel divorced Matilda . He married Gundred de Gournay,[4] daughter of Gerard de Gournay and Edith de Warenne, in 1118. They had a son, Roger. In recognition of the importance of Norman lordship to Anglo-Norman aristocrats, Roger took the surname Mowbray.[5] The bulk of his estate, however, lay in England.


Henry I King of England confirmed donations of property to the abbey of Holy Trinity, Lessay by "Roger de Albineio and Amicia his wife with the consent of their sons William and Nigel" by charter dated 1126[16]. "…Willelmo de Albineyo pincerna et Nigello de Albineyo frater suo…" witnessed the charter of Henry I King of England dated 2 Feb [1111/16] under which the king donated the manor of "Winterworda" to the archbishop of Rouen[17]. Henry I King of England granted him Montbrai, in Normandy, the forfeited lands of Robert de Mowbray Earl of Northumberland[18]. He repudiated his first wife after the death of her brother Gilbert de Laigle[19].

from Leicestershire Pedigrees

NIGEL DE ALBINI, distinguished
for his valour and military skill, was rewarded
by the King with large possessions in Eng-
land, including in 1095 the forfeited lands
of Robert, Earl of Northumberland. He
founded the Priory of Axholme. In his later
days he assumed the habit of a monk, and
dying at Rouen at an advanced age, was
buried in the Abbey of Bee. His first wife
was Maud, dau. of Richard de Aquila, wife
of the said Earl Robert, whom he married in
her husband's lifetime ; but was divorced
from her on account of consanguinity. He
m. 2ndly, in 11 18, Gundreda de Goumay,
dau. of Gerald de Goumay, by Editha his
wife, dau. of William de Warenne, and of Gundrada;* and had issue,— (i) Roger de Mowbraj',
ancestor of the Dukes of Norfolk ; (2) Henry,
!or of the AlbJnis, feudal lords of Cam-
i) Hamon, of whom next,
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