Clement-Jones family v2/21 - Person Sheet
Clement-Jones family v2/21 - Person Sheet
NameAgnes NELL, 15291
 “Sunny” , 14945
 Anil , 14946
 Minette , 14947 (1918-1998)
Notes for Agnes NELL

“Credited for fighting for women's rights...COURTESY of 'George De Silva' by Jane Russell

Agnes together with her stunning looks was also credited for fighting for women’s rights..'Casting Pearls' by Malathi De Alwis ad Kumar i Jayawardene gives an interesting insight into the movement of Universal Suffrage...'Agne's Nell's grandfather came to Ceylon from Nell Straits in South Africa. having taken part in a dual which at the time had been outlawed..' Courtesy of: 'Frederick Nell and his Heirs'.

'Agne's Nell ..loyal wife of George De Silva..made East and West truly meet...A true Sion of the Nell family..Her illustrious uncles..famed Charles Ambrose Lorenz [born in Matara on the 8th day of July 1829..The famed towering genius Andreas Nell..The antiquarian and philanthropist..Agnes'es father Paul Nell the inventor of the double action tea roller in 1900 which was manufactured in Belfast .. “
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