Sir Clement Wakefield JONES CB - Media
Sir Clement Wakefield JONES CB - Media
May week at Cambidge just at the turn of the 20th century
CWJ in his 20's ?
Sir A G-B and CWJ at Levee at St James
CWJ with Sir Arthur Griffith-Boscawen going to a levee at St James’ Palace held by the Prince of wales,.
The Clement was a Booth line ship launched by Enid Jones
The Clement was a Booth line ship launched by Enid Jones
Godmond Hall.gif
Godmond Hall near Kendal. Owned by CWJ then MLC-J until early 1980’s.
CWJ at Chatham Hse 1949018.jpg
Chatham House Dinner at Guildhall
Lt Michael Parker RN Equerry,Sir George Aylwen Lord Mayor, The Duke of Edinburgh, Raymond Potter secy of Chatham House and CWJ.
CWJ Duke of E Chatham House
Arms taken out in 2007 by TCJ with the College of Arms in memoriam which can be used by descendants of CWJ. Arms drawn by Tom Meek heraldic artist. As the Heraldry Gazette of June 2008 a publication of the College of Arms says: ”These Armorial Bearings were granted with an extension of limitation to be placed on a monument or otherwise displayed in memory of his grandfather and to be borne and used by the grantee and his descendants and the other descendants of his said grandfather. The grantee's family had long used a chevron between three fleurs-de-lys and the Crest of a demi lion rampant. Being unable to prove entitlement to these Arms and Crest, it was deemed desirable to have a new grant which demonstrates that the chevron formation combined with fleurs-de-lys is still possible. Similarly, the lion and fleurs-de-lys may be considered two charges heavily over used in the past. Nonetheless a relatively simple Crest, combining these two charges, can be obtained.”
CWJ & ESJ at Friends Hall
Friends Hall
CWJ 1930's
Empire Delegation Photo
Captain Clement Jones
Captain CW Jones
CWJ and British Empire Delegation
In Rue Nitot. CWJ is back row top right.
Burneside Map inc Gurnal dubs