Rev Canon William JONES - Media
Rev Canon William JONES - Media
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Liverpool Collegiate
Liverpool College or Liverpool Collegiate Institution, the foundation stone of which was laid by its Patron, the future Prime Minister and 14th Earl of Derby, on 22 October 1840. Constructed largely of red Woolton sandstone, its architect was 26 years old Harvey Lonsdale Elmes, who, three years before had designed the city's magnificent St George's Hall.
In complete contrast to the latter's classical Greek style, the fa├žade of the old Collegiate is largely Gothic, but with Tudor touches, to comply, more or less, with the founders' competition conditions, and it was opened on 6 January 1843, by another future Prime Minister, W E Gladstone. The College continued to own and use the buildings until 1907, when they withdrew to their other premises in Lodge Lane.
Rev William Jones
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Portait of held by the Gravell family (descendants of WJ through Winifred Jones dau of WJ.)
Burneside Vicarage
Canon William Jones
Burneside Vicarage in 2016
Rev William Jones 1902 Obit
St Oswalds Burneside in 2016
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See description of Liverpool College under other photo. This is a picture taken by TCJ in 2010 and it is now converted into upmarket apartments.